Complaints and Appeals

FHS provides an opportunity for stakeholders to submit a complaint or appeal.  

A complaint is a request for corrective action related to the certificate program.

An appeal is a request for reconsideration of an adverse decision made by the certificate program.

The general process for handling either a complaint or an appeal is as follows:

  • A completed Complaints and Appeals Form is directed to the Food Handler Solutions LLC – CEO along with all related documentation (if any) for review. 
  • The form must be completed and submitted within 30 days of the incident in question.
  • Complaints and appeals are handled within 30 days.
  • Complaints and appeals that are not easily remedied by the CEO will be submitted to the Oversight Committee to ensure an unbiased decision. 
  • Decisions and communication regarding the complaint or appeal will be handled via email.
  • All FHS decisions are final.

FHS reserves the right to remove or block any user that is found to have jeopardized or attempted to breach site security. 

Click below to submit Complaint or Appeal:

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