Program Scope, Purpose and Intended Outcomes

The scope is the set of core competencies needed to handle food safely. 

Core competencies: Hygiene, Receiving, Storing, Safety, Cleaning, Sanitizing and Identifying Hazards and Condition

The purpose of the program is to provide a simple to comprehend, bi-lingual, online food handler education program for K-12 schools, institutional and retail food service workers. Courses are formatted to offer attendees the opportunity for self-study in an online learning environment. This program will identify learner comprehension of the intended learning outcomes of this course through an end-of-course exam, and will provide successful examinees with a certificate that documents preparedness as a food handler. 

Intended Learning Outcomes

The program provides training of the basic food safety knowledge and skills. The intended learning outcomes are: 

  • Distinguish potential hazards and risks of cross contamination to food before and during production as well as when serving food.
  • Identify proper procedures for handling food during deliveries.

                          - Identify proper procedures for receiving food.
                          - Recognize food that is, or is not, in acceptable condition when entering the establishment.

  • Identify proper methods and procedures that ensure food safety when food initially enters the establishment.
  • Recognize proper food handling procedures to ensure food safety during food preparation, cooking and service.
  • Identify proper hygiene, cleaning and sanitizing methods for all areas of a food service environment.

                            - Understand proper personal hygiene to include handwashing and other areas of personal cleanliness and appearance.

                            - Recognize proper care of all surfaces, utensils and equipment.

Requirements for taking course and attaining a certificate

Attendees must have the following to take this course:

  • A valid credit card or Coupon Code.
  • Computer, tablet or smartphone with internet capabilities.
  • A reliable internet connection.

Participate in and successfully complete the training course and achieve a score of 75% or higher on the end of course 40 question exam offered at the conclusion of this course to receive a certificate of completion. Once you start this exam you will be allowed 1 hour and 30 Minutes to complete all the questions. The average time to complete this exam is 45 Minutes.

Course Expiration

Access to the course and all retakes of the exam, if applicable, expire 30 days from enrollment, after which a new course fee will be required.

Course Design

This course and exam were designed by the education staff at Food Handler Solutions LLC. Collectively, the team has over 50 years of experience in the areas of staff training, food safety and sanitation. The team includes two accredited food safety instructors who have taught thousands of food handlers in class room food safety courses and administered exams.

The Food Handler Solutions course was designed using the ADDIE model. The model includes five phases - analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation - representing a dynamic, flexible guideline for building effective training and performance support tools. 

The team also consists of a subject matter expert group made up of a cross section of stakeholders with food safety and healthcare experience. This group has overseen the process of assembling the course materials and developing the exam. The group is comprised of a registered dietician, a restaurant owner, four school district food service directors and a medical doctor.

Course Cost

The online exam list cost is $14.95 which is collected electronically via a secure website using a valid credit card. This pricing is subject to promotional discounts for limited times at the discretion of Food Handler Solutions, LLC. Fees are collected electronically at the time of registration.


There is no refund for on-line courses once they are purchased. All sales for online courses are final and non-transferrable.


All learners are allowed 2 attempts at our exam in which they need to acquire a 75% or better to pass.


Food Handler Solutions, LLC accepts no commercial support outside of that provided for startup costs by its parent company Southwest Training Systems, Inc.

Southwest Training Systems, Inc. does not require Food Handler Solutions, LLC to accept advice or services concerning instructors, developers, participants or other program matters, including content, as a condition of support.

All other support from Southwest Training Systems associated with this education program (e.g., distributing brochures and/or marketing materials) can only be provided with the full knowledge and written approval of the CEO of Food Handler Solutions, LLC.

Certificate Use

Food Handler Solutions, LLC certificate holders, as a result of being issued a Food Handler Solutions, LLC certificate, are not in any way certified, licensed, accredited, or registered to engage in a specific occupation or profession.

Individuals receiving a Food Handler Solutions LLC - Food Handler Certificate Program have successfully achieved the learning outcomes of the Food Handler Course.

School Food Handler Stakeholders

If you are using this product via the website, all of the above and below information apply. 

Certificate Program Changes:

Interactive Knowledge Check - 

At the end of each module the learner will be given the opportunity to review the learned content from that module. (Nov. 16, 2017)

Time Restriction for Exam Completion - 

You will now only be allowed 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete this exam. The average time to complete this exam is 45 minutes. (March 22nd, 2018)

Certificate Modification - 

There was a recent reorganization of our company structure. As of 5-10-18 all certificates issued will be signed by Westley Christian, Chief Executive Officer. (May 9th, 2018)

Clarified Scope - 

Updated scope includes safe food handling practices.  (October 8th, 2018)

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