Q: How do I create and account on FoodHandlerSolutions.com and start the course?

A: To create an account you will need to follow the below steps.

  1. Visit https://foodhandlersolutions.com/need-your-food-handler-card-2
  2. Select your state
  3. Click the green "Register Now" button that will appear after you select your state
  4. Fill out your billing and payment information as well as setup the password for your account. 
  5. Once your payment has been successfully processed, your account will be automatically activated and you can start the course.
  6. To start the course you will need to click on the "Start Course Now" button located below your payment confirmation details, or you can click the "Online Login" button located in the top right hand corner of the navigation bar on the page. 

Below is a step by step video walk through of this entire process. 

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